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of the book "the battle for america" join us later. >>> also, sonia sotomayor was confirmed late today by a vote of 68-31. nine republicans voted for her, and every democrat present. could that cause trouble for the republicans with latino votes next november? we'll look at that in "the politics fix." >>> and what american political celebrity was offered 40 cows and 20 goats for some guy to marry their daughter? and who said it was up to the daughter to decide? that's in tonight's "hardball sideshow." >>> we begin with the president's slipping approval ratings. now down to 50% in a new poll. patrick buchanan is an msnbc political analyst and bob shrum is a democratic analyst. let's take a look. here the quinnipiac poll numbers to look at. approve the president's performance, 50%. disapprove, 42%. that compares to only a month ago and just a month ago to 57% positive, 33% negative. now, let's look at the source of this. the quinn pi yak poll asks people how is the president handling the health care issue. there you have it, 39%. very, very low for an issue he really campaigned on. 52% o
or every industry across the country. the government has to be in there to keep corporate america honest? the steel industry, for example? you pick one and name one. the american people are saying we want health care reform. the republicans are saying we want health care reform, but we don't want a government takeover. we don't want socialized medicine and national health care. >> those words are frightening to a lot of people. let me ask you this about a moderate forum, what congressman cooper just mentioned. what do you think of a co-op? >> well, chris, i'm not sure we know what that co-op is. kent conrad has talked about it. all the machinations going on in the senate finance committee, it's all been kept close to the vest. i don't think the american people really know what this co-op would look like. i want to look at it closely. and certainly i will take -- just like senator shelby said on sunday, let's take a look at it and let's make sure. i think anything is better than this government option that's in there competing with an unfair advantage on an unequal playing field. >> let m
, in your face. welcome to town hall america. take a look at what happened when senator arlen specter held a town meeting today in lebanon, pennsylvania. >> you want to be let out of here, you're welcome to go. wait a minute. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. now, wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute. >> i have every right to -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. he has a right to leave. >> wow. a similar scene played out later this afternoon when senator claire mccaskill held a town meeting in hillsboro, missouri. add in the protester with the gun strapped to his lower leg who showed up at a church near the town hall event that president obama held in portsmouth, new hampshire today. it's legal to carry the gun in that state, but this is what happens when the demagogues turn up the heat and the angry people come out in force. they start to tune in. that protester will be on the show to explain what he was doing with a gun near the president's meeting this afternoon. >>> also, ewe nice kennedy slifer, the sister of john f. kennedy died today. we will talk about the kennedys and
and his concern for america's least powerful. as he said so many years ago, the work goes on, the cause endures, and the dream will never die. that's all for this edition of "headliners and legend," i'm lester holt. thank you for watching. >> teddy. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. ted kennedy was the last hurrah, the big baritone out there demanding justice for the left out people, the african-americans, native americans, the old person, the immigrant family that wanted to be american. the sick scared person waiting in the er for hours with something really wrong. why would a big looking guy like him, a rich guy, spend his life worrying about the people left out? was it tribal memory of his own people left out, sent away, told to go back where they came from? was it those old boston signs that said, irish need not apply? what was it that made health care such a crusade for this guy? who do you know who has a broken back who spends his life and time thinking about other people's troubles? was it because his older trouble was secretly sick most of
stephanopoulos made an amazing statement. let's hear him on "good morning america." >> white house officials have talked privately whether to use the clintons more on health care. you saw president clinton go out and speak to the left progress i bes in that net roots convention last week where he warned them of the consequences of failure there. there have also been discussions whether to employ secretary of state clinton. no final decision on that yet. >> howard, i always thought that this coalition and i know chuck's focused on it, this coalition of the clintons and barack obama is critical, not just on foreign policy but it's not -- this ace political merger. will they come out and help. >> what george said is the staff has talked about it. chuck may have better information than i, but from what i can tell, they have it, if they're going to do it, they haven't asked bill clinton about it yet. did i ask one top white house official what about it. are you going to have clinton involved. he said it's news to me at this point. >> chuck, are you skeptical. >> i'm very skeptival. think about it for
here's what fun looks like for those people. ♪ this land is your land >> reporter: in america, what does it mean to be truly free? the freedom to speak. the freedom to pray. the freedom to walk around in public dressed as a giant cartoon skunk. ♪ rocky mountain high rejoice, patriots, this is the third annual rocky mountain furcon. nature-love furies, who like to do everything dressed as huggable woodland creatures, and i do mean everything. nearly 300 antramorphs turned out in their personas where one of the rare event where is having a hairy back is not only acceptable, but preferred. participants at furcon hope that this peaceful gathering will dispel the growing perception that the costume community is fraught with savagery and even violence. ♪ i'm going to knock you out ♪ mama say knock you out >> reporter: what are we? animals? >> is it possible to buy a fur suit with head and everything, on the open market? >> probably so. >> home-knit things? >> perfectly legal here in the united states to put on a giant head and big, fuzzy shoes and do what you've got to do. >> when i
is my bailout? this was a little bit of a sense that anybody in america could walk in with an old car and get a little bit of a bailout themselves. i think it did have an effect. you see it in barack obama's approval rating. gallup shows him up to 58% approval rating. he was down as low as 52%. >> aren't we fickle? >> we are so fickle. >> very. >> you know, chuck, you and i are friends. we know -- and so is susan, but we know i'm a churchill buff. one of the tricks of churchill in winning the war against the nazis, finally to make a real useful mention of nazis this week for once in this crazy world. that he understood that you never expect -- you never give too much good expectation ahead of time. he used to say as the war went on he used to say it's not the beginning of the end but maybe it's the end of the beginning. anything to reduce expectations so that people would keep their hopes up. i noticed robert gibbs, who seems like a pro at the white house. the president's spokesman said we still expect 10% unemployment. explain. >> well, here is why. one of the reasons unemployment we
rode in big american cars. i assumed it would be a matter of time before me and america would be airborne just like my heroes. the jetsons. >> in the future i would step into a glass contraption and fly wherever i needed to go just like elroy. earth, walking? that was for suckers. the years passed and the score is still gravity one, humans 0. >> uh-oh. ♪ come fly with me >> it's not that no one has tried. this dutch aeronautics student bought a flying bicycle that uses pedal power. he managed to stay in the air for several second. and there are some jet pack experts out there. it's cool. but, hey, answer me this. you want to take this thing out at night? what about dating? hey, pick you up at 8:00? to all you inventers out there, here's the kind of thing i'm looking for. oh, and i'm going to need a trunk and an extra seat for astro. >> ha-ha. excellent, kent. i have a -- a transportation cocktail moment for you too. >> very good. >> i am an average parallel parker. average. i have always wanted to be able to lift up the back of the car and scoot it in side ways. wouldn't tha
to give the grassroots of america an opportunity to speak up as you're seeing every day on television, and i think that that's a good thing. >> niki tsongas, president obama mentions chuck grassley constantly as one of the responsible republicans in the senate who is trying to work on a solution. chuck grassley when given a chance to describe to his constituents what he's doing, he says he's sticking his fingers in the dike. that must have been pretty disappointing for you democrats in the house who have been waiting for the senate to move and waiting for the senate finance committee in particular which has missed all the deadlines chairman max baucus set for it. >> i'd like to go back to the notion that we're going too slow. in addition to doing the two town halls i've done as a part of this august district work period which have been so helpful to me and i think important to my constituents, i also have done four telephone town halls which allows me to use technology to reach across the districts. in one of them i had an 85-year-old gentleman from lawrence, massachusetts, an old ind
the greatness of america by electing the first african-american as president of the united states. that's what speaks for america. not this. not the swastika and that's why we can't let the swastika or hate mail or any of this racial stuff that we're getting into us or congressmen getting death sentences or being -- we are not going to let that win and drown out the debate. and i think that when we get back in september after the town halls and they knew, this is not something that just popped up. these people knew when rush limbaugh says i don't want it to succeed, i want him to fail or senator demint says this is his waterloo, we can kill him, well, these are millions and millions of people listening to this. >> congressman scott, there are also some successful town meetings going on out there. in atlanta, not far from your district, representative hank johnson seems to have had a pretty smooth successful meeting with over 2,000 people in the room. is something changing in georgia? do you think you're going to be able to have a better dialogue than what's been going on so far? >> i think so.
in america. >> do you believe the country has the mood right now, given the economic challenges facing us, the loss of equity, the loss of property value, the loss of income, the loss of prospects for their children doing as well as they have in life, given all those pressures they'll willing to be big about health care? >> well, i think they're willing to accept the idea, as ted kennedy would have so enunciated. you must spike the cost of health care for all americans, particularly those who are currently paying the price. ted kennedy would have said five, six, seven years from now, you'll be paying double what you're paying if you leave the system intact as it is today. he would not have gone to the issue of how do you cover people not covered until he developed a relationship with those of us currently picking up the tab. i think that's what mr. obama has to do and he has to do it in memory of ted kennedy. >> is there anyone in the senate right now who might be willing to spend the next 10 or 20 years on how to be ted kennedy. somebody who knows how to be great legislator and can unite
on these things. a co-op is really used over three-quarters of the land area of america so we buy our electricity that way. it's a creature of the new deal. it's worked really pretty well overall of the country for 70 or 80 years. it's owned by the customers, not owned by the government. it works. it works real well. there are good ways to solve this problem. i think the key is to be open-minded, to not use alarmist rhetoric, to focus on the real problem of 47 million uninsured americans today. unaffordable health care for everybody and a runaway health care system that does not provide the quality we deserve in america. we can solve any problem we want to in this great country. let's put our minds together and calmly and rationally solve this problem. we can do it and we can do it without a big government solution. >> mr. gingrey injure response? >> my response is i agree with jim. things like association health plans equalizing the tax treatment, making sure people that get their insurance through a small employer our individual market get the same tax benefit, tax break, discounted insurance,
states of america. they want a referendum on the ballot. would that put texas on the other side of pat buchanan's security defense? that's on the "sideshow." >>> we begin tonight, former vice president dick cheney's attack on the obama administration for investigating possible cia abuse of prisoners. duncan hunter, former u.s. congressman, former candidate for president on the republican side. formally represented the state of california. he was succeeded by his son who served in the military. democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz is a member of the judiciary committee. she also joins us. mr. hunter, let's take a look at what former vice president dick cheney said over the weekend. >> now, you get a new administration and they said we didn't like those opinions, we're going to go investigate those lawyers and perhaps have them disbarred. i just think it's an outrageous precedent to set to have this kind of -- i think intensely partisan, politicized look back at the prior administration. they're going to go out and investigate the cia personnel who carried out those investig
and ron reagan of air america radio. let me go to you joan and your thoughts on this. it seems to me you must be somewhat sanguine about reading the other side of the ideological argument has been caught with an insider blowing the whistle as loud as i can imagine the secretary of homeland security himself is saying that in the interests of politics, the people around the table the weekend before the 2004 election were playing politics to get their guy re-elected so they could keep their jobs. >> it's completely believable, and liberals are saying it that summer and they were laughed at, they were mocked. he also admits that they raised the threat level and talked about the great presidency of george bush right after john kerry accepted the nomination in boston that year. so they really did orchestrate -- they used terror to scare people. they used terror to diminish kerry. i remember john kerry had to come out and smack howard dean, who was telling the truth about this that they were politicizing the terror warnings, because he didn't want to be seen as some kind of left wing lunatic. t
's listen to what he had to say. >> hillary clinton, the secretary of state of the united states of america, is overseas and she suggested that the governor of florida, jeb bush, rigged the election for george w. bush. i was there. that is an unfair, slanderous assessment. >> roger simon, referee this one. unfair slanderous assessment? >> this is kingsley law. you get attacked when you speak the truth. the only criticism you can make is jeb bush didn't steal it very effectively. he should have done it by a lot more votes than he ended up doing it. i really don't see the problem with this. what went on in florida is historic fact. you can make the case that it went beyond jeb bush to one vote at the supreme court. he might as well people in foreign country it is truth about democracy. doesn't always work perfectly. >> do we really have evidence that jeb bush stole an election and is that what hillary clinton should be telling people in africa? >> we don't have evidence that hillary clinton told people in africa jeb bush stole the election. >> what do you think -- >> you protest too much on t
in america. >> what's happening in america is right now chris cillizza is with the washingtonpost.com and jeanne cummings is with the politico. jeanne, i want you to go first. if you had to explain american politics on august 4th, 19 -- i keep getting that wrong, 20, 2009, what would you say is going on in all these crazy meetings. we will show some of the "b" roll of these meetings in texas and long island. pennsylvania. everywhere a congressperson holds a meeting, apparently, these people show up, well-dressed, middle-class people in pinks and limes, if you will. who are they? they have been called the brooks brothers brigade. who are these people? >> they are conservatives who are being organized by several different republican organizations. one of them is an organization committed to defeat health care. they're running on their site every list of town hall meetings they can find and encouraging people to show up. the republican house committee is also urging and organizing people to go out to these town hall meetings and basically create a fuss that can then go viral on the w
himself? >> bill clinton didn't humiliate himself. he did the right thing. what i'm saying is america in this sense. you have a former president of the united states which is an enormously influential figure going to beijing and in effect asking for -- pyongyang and asking for the release of these hostages. he's been called if you will by a brutal dictator. bill clinton did the right thing. here's the thing, chris. look what hillary clinton was saying there. she is saying don't take this as though this was our government doing this because we've still got a tough policy. she knows in asia, people are saying what is going on. >> face, i know. >> it's more than just face. it's is the united states going to cave. >> what i find interesting the diplomacies about finding not where the zero sum operates because that's where you get nothing done. one side is going to lose, one side wins. when one side gets something big to them, earnst hon ger, head of east jaernlgs all he wanted his whole life was to come to the united states and be received at the white house. all his life. in other words,
, saying we're going to rape your mother, we're going to kill your kids? is that where america is in the world right now? >> no. i do not condone torture. but die not find -- i don't find it torturous to fire a gun in a different room and fire up a power drill when 3,000 americans were murdered. we would rather have 3,000 americans slaughtered than a power drill come on in the same room. >> i find the charges that the obama white house is politicizing national security. i find it disingenuous this past week, we received word under the bush white house, terror or watch alerts were raised for political purposes. >> gentlemen and laura i'm out of time. i have to run. i will have your back. earlier, i asked the viewers tonight what you thought. are you satisfied with the president's position on cia torture probe? 47% said yes, 53% said no. interesting. that's the ed show. i'm ed shut. next town hall meeting coming up this sunday night in boulder, colorado, university of colorado. for more information, go to the ed show. go to ed.msnbc.com. "hardball" next with chris matthews. >>> c
together. i want america to work, all right. that's my basic notion. if you don't get 60 votes in the senate and you don't get 218 votes in the house, all this is blather. >> right. >> so why do people hold the positions that won't get 60 in the senate and won't get 218 in the house? >> i'll tell you this -- >> why would -- and still say -- >> the public option. they will fight over -- >> and still say it's health care reform. >> i'll tell you where the white house's head is. they're frustrated because they believe actually the left -- the people most up in arms on the public option don't understand what they're even for when it comes to -- when you ask some groups on the left what's the public option, they each give you a different definition. so the white house is trying to preach patience and saying, hey, hold on a minute. maybe the co-ops is going to be able to do what will you want it to do on the public option. but you need to be patient here. you need to understand that this stuff isn't politically popular, and in fact it's not even politically popular with some democrat
is the syndicated columnist who is newt gingrich's press secretary and ron reagan is with air america radio. tony, i want to know what is the angle you're looking at this through. what is the case that we don't investigate what happened with those prisoners? >> you know, it's times like this that i think we conservatives and liberals are like different species because we view this so different. for me and i know for the vice president and conservatives, we are terribly concerned we're going to go through the 1970s and the xhurch commission, we will demoralize the people who have been fighting to protect us. i think you folks tend to think we have to enforce our higher standards. we have a strategic view of our national security and focus on that, and others focus on what they think violations of either ethics or law. >> so basically, tony, you don't see anything wrong with cia operatives doing things like making prisoners think they're about to be executed, making prisoners believe they're about to have their mothers raped in front of them? i'm just asking an open-ended question. is that okay with y
, well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance. when we're in a sandwich you'll know it we are our own mixed up blend of one of a kind spices welcome back to "hardball." what does bill clinton's success in north korea tell us about the state of the obama/clinton coalition? that's what it is between president obama and hillary clinton. who's getting the most out of this? this doesn't necessarily mean they both aren't. let's find out. pat buchanan on bob herbert with the new york times. mr. herbert, you almost lost me the other day. let's go into where we can find common ground here. let's talk about this thing. bill clinton, there was something very emotional that happened that grabbed me. i'm not the softest touch although i do throw up my leg once in awhile. this is what the freed journalist laura ling said today about this
soared more than 128% after it posted its first quarterly profit in two years. america's second largest mortgage provider also said it would not need a capital injection from the u.s. treasury. >>> that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." south carolina governor mark sanford may have more trouble right now. associated press reporter jim davenport wrote this. quote, records reviewed by the associated press show that since he took office in 2003, the two-term republican has taken trips on state aircraft to locations of his children's sporting events, hash and dentist appointments, political party gatherings and a birthday party for a campaign donor. governor sanford's spokesman has a different opinion. quote, once again this specific reporter misrepresents the facts with regard to the governor's travel. every time the governor used the state plane it was for a official state purse and that official state purpose was documented. joining me right now is cindy sk skopy and eugene robinson. put this in sper tech tiperspec. is th
the department heads, all the information anybody could want that he was born in america. they knew it at the time, we know it now. what is it in the water down in texas that leads your republican colleagues to join the birther movement? >> well, chris, i'm not sure it's the water. i think it's just a certain fanaticism that they cannot accept the fact that barack obama is our president, that he's working for change. it's the same fanaticism i saw on saturday of people talking about a government takeover in health care when all the independent studies have shown that 96% of the people that would turn to an insurance exchange would go into a private plan with new standards and 4% would choose something like medicare. >> well, and you also have a governor that was talking up secession lately. what's that about? i thought you joined the union back in the 19th century and were quite happy here. >> yeah, chris, that's like this crowd on saturday, too. holding up the tenth amendment and saying that the tenth amendment prevents our getting health care bill through, and when i asked them ab
he's trying something really different. take a look. rebel, visionary, iconoclast, one of america's most important artists. for a man whose unpredictability has been his trademark, his latest stylistic experiment may be his boldest yet. are you ready for bob dylan? christmas album? when i say christmas album i think this -- ♪ have a holly jolly christmas ♪ ♪ it's the best time of the year ♪ >> reporter: nonetheless several music sites are predicting that the man born robert zimmerman is releasing a christmas record which will include such holiday chestnuts as "here comes santa claus" and "i'll be home for christmas." we got our hands on an early demo. ♪ frosty the snowman was a jolly, happy soul ♪ ♪ with a corncob pipe and a button nose ♪ ♪ and two eyes made out of coal ♪ >> reporter: i think this could open up new family friendly horizons for would be like yet another side of bob dylan, or bob the tank engine or bob for babies. you watch. i'll make fun of dylan's christmas album, and it will turn out to be the coolest thing ever. how will that feel? >> exactly
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as affordable as possible. and the words "pre-existing condition" become a thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. >>> we're back. we're joined by nbc news presidential historian michael beschloss who is with us from the kennedy library up in boston. michael, thank you for joining us from that incredible place up there out there on columbia point. let's put it in perspective. >> i know you spent a lot of time here. >> let's go to the younger viewers who don't know what you and i have been through. give us all a sense, refresher course, if you will, of the role of the kennedy family starting with the old man, joseph kennedy, who you wrote about with kennedy and roosevelt, hi s appeasement policies, his defeatist policies, his policies that were really seen as wrong by most americans going into the 1940s and looking backward and the role the kennedy brothers played in perhaps atoning for that. that would be my premise. your thoughts. >> i think there's a lot to that. in the late 1930s joe kennedy was franklin roos
of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. of the world's most revered luxury sedan. this is a history of over 50,000 crash-tested cars... this is the world record for longevity and endurance. and one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet. this is the 9th generation e-class. this is mercedes-benz. this is the 9th generation e-class. (groans) a lot of people are gonna be kicking themselves for not buying in this market. (woman) visit remax.com where you can see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. where do you want to be? >>> welcome back. we're back with "the politics fix." joining me right now is the washington post's chris cillizza and "time" magazine's jay newton-small. thank you for joining me. this is an amazing story. this president has hoped to set the agenda. he wanted it to be health care. he didn't want to be going back and nailing interrogators or torturers, whatever you want to call them as it turns out now. well, we got a story on our hands here. what do you make of
and to protect the patient/doctor relationship -- >> you lie to america about the evils -- >> excuse me? what? >> -- of government health care -- because i don't people, not one -- >> lawrence, you don't know who i am. >> not one of you liars about government health care is willing to repeal medicare. to stand up and be consistent and say, i hate government-run health care so i want to repeal medicare. instead, you go out and lie to medicare recipients that you're on their side and then you tell everyone else government-run health care is evil. >> lawrence, i'd suggest you don't -- >> an evil lie that you guys perpetrate every day -- >> i'd suggest you don't -- lawrence, you don't know the first -- lawrence, do you wonder why nobody watches msnbc? you argue with me. you don't know who i am. you call me a liar on national television. >> yes. >> it's objectionable. it's offensive. >> you lie about government-run health care. >> you have never interviewed me, buddy. >> you lie and pretend it's an evil for other people. >> my constituents are very happy with me. i just had a town hall meeting las
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